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2017 Spring Conference

Friday, May 5th 2017


Catholic Eldercare
817 Main Street NE
Minneapolis, MN


Information Manager
Association for Health Care Educators of the Midwest
1664 17th Street NW
St. Paul, MN 55112-5466

Phone: (651) 633-0748

What's New? Is This You?

For more information on the Spring Conference, please see attached brochure below.
Please share brochure with co-workers that would benefit attending an AHCEM Conference!

Join us for an enlightening educational day that promises to enhance technical and personal skills that can be used to interact with staff in healthcare organizations

Here is great opportunity to network with fellow Healthcare Educators.

2017 Spring Conference Brochure

2017 Spring Conference On-line Registration - Pay by Check

2017 Spring Conference On-line Registration - Pay by Credit Card

  • Need to learn more about the latest health education trends, concepts, innovations and techniques?

  • Need to bring back value-added strategies and resources to improve your organization?

  • Need quick resources (like ice breakers, mentoring materials, etc) at a moment's notice?

  • Need a network of other health educators to ask questions and bounce ideas around?

  • Need opportunities for professional growth?
AHCEM is You!

Health care is changing rapidly, education requirements are growing and changing and budgets are getting tighter.

AHCEM can become your "co-worker", your "first resource" so you can keep up to date on health education trends.

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